“Art People suck because they think they matter”

— Cartoonist and professional blogger, Hugh MacLeod 2001

The inspiration in my artwork is collected through my interest in art deco, pop art and graffiti in general. From early 20th century to mid sixties, such as Rauschenberg, Pollock, Lichtenstein and Warhol and today’s artists Obey, Shrigley, Banksy to mention a few.

I work with collages transferred and printed onto canvas as layers of colour, images and text touching on subjects such as war, sex, rock’n roll, music and movie stars with reflections of life in different ways by using images and statements to underline my opinions.

Through different layers I work with either personal artwork, made specific to the person who ordered the piece where I show their life in one collage or intuitively and spontaneously I start to built up an expression of emancipation from my own ideas.

Basically my work is created with making a photomontage where I work from various parts of my large collection of images gathered over years from magazines, artbooks, photographs and images found and assembled from different journeys I have been on, also objects, cards, tickets, items from my life are represented in my art.

Creating a collage is much more to me than combining something onto something else, for me it is a wish to rock and inspire others to look into another world away form daily life and inspire to happiness and the fantastic aspects of life when experienced intense.

By working with image editing I create extreme intensive compositions to rival the demands of traditional arts and through that wish to create pictures that combine painting, illustration, graffiti and photographs in one. Some if the pieces have up to nearly 20 layers of imagery to reveal images from underneath and thereby introducing a new story of images to create what I want to say. The fragment of text is meant as a fragment of stories in order for the viewer to interpret the rest of the story…

Through my work I strive to compose a collection of an experience through colour and stories in order to give the viewer an experience of a different world to escape into a wild state of mind using images and text. A so called non-linear notion of a story which can take the viewer anywhere…and hopefully to lose control.

Each piece is meant to have a story of its own.

The eye may rest on a white canvas but to me white is boring, colour is the new black. My artwork is a scrapbook of my life.

Johan Nissen, 2009