Johan Nissen

Johan Nissen is a Danish New Media artist specializing in Digital Art. Johan Nissen grew up on Almindegaarden in the Danish town Roskilde with his father Johan Nissen a Squire and a Third Degree Freemason and his mother, a schoolteacher who was the first women to teach carpentry. They send him to Steenhus Kostskole, a public boarding school, where he graduated High school. He then went to Israel where he joined the kibbutz life and learned Hebrew and worked as a Volunteer. Later on, he worked in a hotel in Tel Aviv. When he came back to Denmark, he did his college degree. He did his military service as a private. In addition he went on traveling to Germany, where he worked in a Plexiglas company, to learn the language and then to Great Britain , where he traveled around the Kingdom and to Bath, Somerset where he got an interest in the Roman Culture and art.

He went back to Denmark where he studied Art History, after one year he went traveling to Spain. He stayed on for several months working in real estate, on the Balearic Islands, Ibiza. He taught himself Spanish and was employed by a German Millionaire to work for 5 years as a butler. With his employer, a Photographer and master-student of Joseph Beuys, at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, he travelled to all of the capitals in Europe. He went to some of the biggest museums, The Louvre(Paris), Pinkothek der Moderne (Munich), Museo Del Prado(Madrid), and Brea Academy(Milan). He went to Milan and worked for his employer, model scouting and worked with Beatrice Models, Riccardo gay Model Management and had time to learn the Italian. He worked on art projects with his employer in Düsseldorf, at the beach in Ibiza, in Pacha, Barcelona, and in Puerta del Sol, Madrid. He became friends with, Kraftwerk and Grace Jones.

When he returned to Denmark, he and his friends started a club in Copenhagen, “Broen”. They worked with DJ management, Theater, Art, and went to Sonar festival in Barcelona and Love Parade in Berlin. In 2007, he went for one month to Spanish Harlem New York and got inspired by American graffiti and Pop art, and in 2008 started a Shirt company, Nizen in Copenhagen with digital prints, limited edition Shirts, with his own art. In 2009 he sold his first canvas, (a collage), which gave him an opportunity to exhibit his collage art at an well known gallery in Copenhagen, where he had an exhibition, during a Hans Christian Andersen festival. He is currently working on finishing an exhibition of large print canvases.
He is a vivid Art collector and a Patron of the arts.